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Disney Park Bag Do's and Don'ts

A quick internet search of what to bring in your park bag will give you hundreds of thousands of lists. I even found a list with over 90 items on it! Hang on folks…we are not going into the last frontier and need life sustaining supplies; we are going to a theme park to ride rides, eat food, be entertained and make memories! I have traveled with adults only, solo, small children, and large groups and on each trip I learned from previous park bag blunders. As a result, I've compiled all of my top do’s and don’ts for your park bag.

Park Bag Do's

Charger or Battery - Between checking wait times, mobile ordering, booking Genie +, and taking photos, you will be using your phone throughout the day. Having a portable charger so you can charge on the go will keep you on schedule.

Sunscreen - Make sure you have sunscreen in your park bag. The rays are strong, especially for this fair skinned Minnesota girl. Even on cloudy days, reapply frequently, because a day at Disney with a sunburn would not be magical.

Poncho - During your vacation, you will probably see a rain shower or two pass through. Pull out your poncho and keep exploring the parks. When you toss an inexpensive poncho in your bag, you don’t have to stop your park day. Yes, some outdoor attractions will temporarily close during heavy rain and lightning, but the park is still open. Some of my favorite days in the parks have been when it poured all day. They were not the best days for selfies, but there is an adventurous vibe amongst the park goers during rain storms.

Park Bag Don'ts

Pack Mule - Don't be one. The first time I took my family to Disney, I had a huge backpack full of everything I thought we would need for the day. By noon the first day, I was sweating through my shirt, my back hurt and I was sick of having to take it off and stuff it at my feet each time I got on a ride! I completely reevaluated what my family needed on day two. The change of clothes, shoes, separate water bottles, first aid kits and more were left in the room.

Prohibited Items - There is an extensive list on most theme parks websites of prohibited items. Some of the most common to be flagged by security are, glass bottles, selfie sticks, loose ice in coolers and alcohol. Be sure to take a glance at the list and leave those items in your room, security will find the items and they will be tossed or you need to bring it back to your vehicle or room. I've included some links below for you to reference.

Shopping - Theme park merch is intoxicating! Stepping into a theme park, you suddenly need a soap dispenser that makes the foam look like Mickey, that large Goofy hat will complete your outfit and that 6-foot replica on the monorail would be magical around your Christmas tree. Hold on…do you really want to carry all that throughout your day? Many theme parks discontinued holding your purchases at the front or delivering them to your room, so you will be carrying your items for the rest of the day. Stop and evaluate, can you order it online or can you get it on the way out?

There will be some items unique to your family that you will need to have in your park bag, things like medications, ID’s, and glasses that will be a priority for you. I recommend finding your park bag; it can be a backpack, cross body, fanny pack or any carrying device that works best for you. Then lay out everything you think you may need and then evaluate. Put your items in your bag and wear it for a while. You will know pretty quickly if you have overpacked.

Below are some helpful links to visit before or during your Disney adventure.

Happy Travels!

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