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5 Must-Have Amenities For Your Next Family Vacation

In the last few years, I have been working with more and more families. I am hearing parents want to give experiences to their kids and to spend quality time together. Families are busy with school, sports, homework, church, and so much more. Everyone needs a break. However, when it comes to taking the kids not all resorts are family-friendly even when they might say they claim to be. It's the little touches like having items for the baby in your room and highchairs at all of the restaurants that can make your vacation much easier and enjoyable.

I want to share with you 5 things you can look for in a resort to make sure everyone in the family will have a good time. Please keep in mind a toddler's needs are much different than a teenager!

  1. Family Rooms: The typical room with a small bathroom and 2 beds to squeeze your family of 5 into no longer have to be the case! Look for larger rooms with the right amount of sleeping space for your family. This way, your 17-year old does not have to sleep on a hide-a-bed or share a pull-out couch with the 14-year old brother. Also, take note if the room offers room service or a mini-fridge. No matter what age your kids are, they are always thirsty and need a snack!

  2. Kid-Friendly Food: In some resorts, you will find great selections at the buffets for kids and in the ala carte restaurants they will offer kids menus! How fun for the kids especially if they are picky eaters. I know an ice cream shop will make their vacation complete.

  3. The Pool: If you have small children a Zero entry pool is a must. This allows little ones to sit or stand without mom or dad hanging on to them the entire day. If you want to step it up a notch, watch for a kids pool, water park, or even one with slides.

  4. Beach Activities: For many kids, the ocean is such a treat. Having the right activities will give them new experiences and they will have a blast. Look for Boogie board, sailboats, kayaks, snorkeling equipment, and paddleboards. These are the most common beach activity amenities.

  5. Kids and Teen Club: The littles enjoy arts and crafts, games, and other fun activities with kids their age. For teens, it is fun to find a club for them to hang out in. Sometimes there will be a pool table, air hockey, foosball table and much more.

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