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What's All the Fuss About Nashville, TN?

I have been hearing about all the fuss for about two yeas now. “Nashville is so much fun”, they said. So, I had to check it out for myself. I visited this city for four nights in August for a conference, and scheduled in some time for fun! So glad I did - read below for what I enjoyed.

Nashville Vibes

Nashville, TN is an up-and-coming area to visit. I was really curious about how "busy" it would feel in this city. I'm not much of a big crowd fan myself. Despite the hype that Nashville has, I was quite impressed with the fun areas this vibrant city offers. Each has it's own vibe - here are some areas to consider:

• Downtown/Broadway • The Gulch • Midtown • Music Row • West End

I spent my time at Broadway and the Gulch, and even enjoyed an evening at the Grand Ole Opry. Wow - talk about entertainment! Travel tip: book tickets and enjoy a show at the Opry, you won't regret it. Tickets are an affordable price point.

There's a good mix of old country music, new country music, dancing, and comedy. It's an entertainment haven. It's the kind of city you find yourself strolling the street to pop into a small bar, relax, and experience live music. Not to mention, the southern food is incredible. From bbq to shrimp and grits, and so much more, there's food options galore.

More than Boots and Country Music

The stereotype of being a crazy country music fan and wearing cowboy boots to "fit in" at this city was completely inaccurate. I danced to a band playing Def Lepoard and wore my high heals all week and fit in just fine.  This city offers so much more than boots and country music! This destination deserves a spot on your next weekend getaway list.

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