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Travel in December: Benefits + Bonuses

Traveling in early December has been on repeat for a few years. Just recently, it dawned on me why I love to travel this time of year and why I need to share some tips with you.

There are many benefits to traveling in December or just before Christmas. If you are considering a winter tropical getaway, this time of year could favor you in more ways than one. Did you know? The high season for tropical vacations starts just after Christmas and goes through Easter. By traveling before this peak time, you are beating the rush, crowds, and will save money.

Below are my personal observations and benefits to travel in early December.

Low Occupancy at Resorts Most resorts tend to be on the quieter side this time of year. Because of this you, could experience better service. I have noticed that servers have more time and the staff feel less rushed. There are also plenty of spots open at the beach/pool and lounge chairs available. Reservations at restaurants are less of a wait, too.

Cold Temps Back Home = A True Tropical Getaway Since I am from Minnesota it is cold in December and sunny on the beach!

Better Value Traveling outside of  high season lends a better value on both airfare and resort fees.

Christmas-Ready This year my husband and I traveled December 13-19th. Knowing this, it got me planning and prepping for Christmas before we left, so when we returned home there was less stress, hustle, and bustle. The tree and decorations were up, and presents purchased, wrapped, and placed under the tree. The only thing that needed to be done when we got home was the grocery shopping. Being ready for Christmas before we left, and returning from a relaxing vacation meant truly enjoying what the season is all about.

If you are thinking about your next vacation, consider the off season. It will benefit and bless you in more ways than one. Happy travel, my friends!

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