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Hawaii Is Always a Good Idea

Do you know the average weather in Hawaii is 78-82 degrees year-round? It does rain there on some islands more than others, but most of the time you can take a drive and find a spot on an island that does not have rain.

Hawaii is great for your honeymoon, a special anniversary vacation, for families and that couple who is ready for a fun adventure-filled vacation. If you are anything like me and aren’t a fan of long flights, consider staying longer than a week if not two weeks!

This past January, I was able to travel to Kauai for the first time. I had been to Oahu and Maui before and was really excited to experience this island as I heard raving reviews. Kauai is beautiful, with lush tropical foliage and easy to get around. The activities are endless and impressive. We stayed on Kauai for 17 days – half of the time in the north part of the island and the other half in the southern part of the island.

One thing we did differently from our past travels to Hawaii was to purchase the Shaka Guide App. I bought the entire set of tours and am so glad we did. This app was like having a personal travel guide in the car with us to help us not to miss any fun stops or adventures. You can purchase the Shaka Guide App here:

I was able to hike seven different hikes, saw many waterfalls, bike the est side trail, explore the Waimea Canyon, and much more.

Here are my top three favorites and must-do things in Hawaii:

  1. Explore the small town of Hanalei. My family and I absolutely love Hanalei Bay.

  2. Hike the Kalalau Trail at Haena State Park. Pro tip: You need to pre-book this hike.

  3. Drive along Waimea Canyon and hike Pihea Trail.

This is just a small slice of what we did. Remember, when using my travel advisor services for your vacation planning you will get special Kauai Travel tips and I will help design a custom itinerary to your personal vacation style.

Overall, I was impressed with the beauty of this island, the endless activities, and how special it felt to be there.

Happy Travels!

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