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Fun in Cabo San Lucas!

My family and I returned from Cabo San Lucas earlier this month. I have not been to Cabo for a while, and I was excited to get back and explore. And that’s just what we did.

Top Three Cabo Takeaways and Tips:

1. Eat at local restaurants, even if you are at an all-inclusive resort

One-third of the resorts are all-inclusive, the rest are condos. We chose to stay at an all-inclusive resort for the convenience, but planned to go out to eat at a few select restaurants. Cabo San Lucas is full of great restaurants! I would highly suggest venturing out to a few local restaurants, even if you choose to stay at an all-inclusive. Don’t hesitate to ask for recommendations and check out Yelp! We ate and the Office and La Cantina, both great choices and everyone in my family enjoyed them.

2. Ride the Water Taxi

Take advantage of the water taxi. Ask kindly for a tour around the Arch, and if you tip your driver well, they are likely to accommodate! This is easier on the 10:00 am boat, as it’s less busy and much more enjoyable. It is a great experience! Thy will bring you to Lovers Beach, a favorite local spot, to enjoy and pick you up later in the day. PRO TIP: there are minimal food vendors, pack bring water, a snack, and a beer or two with you.

3. Be Open to Opportunities

While at Lovers Beach, keep you eye open on the mountain nearby. You will notice people hiking Mount Solmar. We returned two-days later with water and our tennis shoes. This hike was a great climb, not too long of a hike yet had incredible views. This was our family favorite! The cost for this excursion was minimal, and included our fare on the water taxi and the snacks packed.

Ask and You Shall Receive

Remember: you are on vacation, get out and explore! Try local foods, savor the flavor, and soak it all in. And, ask! Ask other travelers, taxi drivers and hotel concierge – they are likely willing to give you tips and advice.

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