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A Letter to Travel

Dear Travel,

I just want you to know how much I truly miss you! You've been on my mind every day. I remember flying home from an incredible week at Sandals in Grenada, not knowing everything would change so drastically in the next 72-hours.

I thought I knew how much of a blessing and sense of freedom there was to travel whenever and wherever I wanted to. Never, ever, could I imagine something like COVID-19. At times, when I think about what's happened, my chest hurts and becomes heavy. In fact, many tears have rolled down my cheeks, too. I have been traveling for 20 years and helping others enjoy traveling for 13 of those years. Travel is what I do - it's a huge part of my life. And then, we were all told to stay home. It was so hard to not "go" anywhere. For me, that meant the car AND the airplane.

This might have been the longest time I have stayed home in years. I miss my seeing my name printed on a plane ticket. I was so sad to cancel two of my own trips, too. Since then, I've noticed I stopped dreaming of the next destination I want to travel to. I miss packing my suitcase. I miss the excitement of an upcoming trip. I miss getting away and seeing a new destination. I miss EVERYTHING about travel!

I also miss my clients and all of the conversations about dreaming and planning their next vacation. I miss hearing their excitement. I miss helping then with all of the details which make their vacation so special. I miss creating their travel packages. I really just miss them.

During this down-time, I have reflected, rested, prayed, and journaled. I have tried to keep my clients posted about travel updates and did my best to keep up with travel updates and learning new rules and regulations.

I just started to hear from some of my clients and it brings so much joy back into my heart! After a recent call, I found myself crying after it ended. It felt so good to talk about what I love the most - their next trip! I have longed for this.

I know we will make a bigger and better come back and I am ready. We will all travel again and never take it for granted. I anticipate many will say "let's not wait until next year" and just book the trip. I know the experiences, memories, learning and exploring cultures, and spending quality time with family will have a different definition. Quality time has a whole new meaning, especially for me and how it relates to traveling.

See you soon, travel.

With so much love, Nichole Winter - A Travel Lover

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