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Beach Bliss: Welcoming Our New Travel Agent Abby Black

Craving the sun-kissed shores, the gentle lull of ocean waves, and the feel of warm sand beneath your feet? Your beach vacation dreams just got a whole lot more exciting! We’re thrilled to introduce the latest addition to our travel team, Abby Black.

Meet Your New Beach BFF

Abby has a background in marketing and design. For the last five years, she has been on Nicholes team working on things behind the scenes to make sure they are professional (and pretty!). After taking a group senior Spring Break trip to Punta Cana with her son, she discovered a passion for the planning portion of traveling. This led her to become a travel agent.

Over the last few months, Abby has completed training through the Travel Institute, Travelpreneur Summer School (private online coaching), and will be attending Delta University this fall in Minneapolis. She has a desire to keep learning and growing!

On deck this fall is a trip to the Riviera Maya, Mexico area where she will tour 15 properties in the area. This will expand her knowledge of Mexico and allow her first-hand experiences of the hotels she is researching and recommending to her clients.

Why Choose a Beach Vacation Specialist?

Our team is all about making your travel dreams come true, and Abby is here to help take your beach getaways to the next level. With a deep passion for all things coastal, she’s your go-to expert for crafting the perfect beach escape. Here’s why we're excited to have her on board:

  1. Beach Aficionado: Abby lives and breathes beach vacations. From the beaches in Mexico to the hues of blue in the Caribbean, she has the inside scoop on the best beach destinations..

  2. Tailored Experiences: Not all beaches are created equal. Abby will create a beach vacation that suits your unique preferences.

  3. Travel Tips: Abby has you covered with travel, packing, and pre-post planning checklists. If there’s something you need or want to know, she’s your go-to gal.

Planning a beach vacation can be overwhelming. Leave the logistics to us so you can focus on building sandcastles and sipping cocktails. Travel hiccups can happen, but when they do, we are a phone call away to smooth out any wrinkles in your beachy plans.

Dip Your Toes In the Water

Abby is ready to make your beach vacation dreams come true. Contact Abby by phone at 320.492.6989 or email at

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