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8 Items to Pack for Your All-Inclusive Vacation

Packing for your next beach vacation is always exciting. But, there’s always that lingering feeling that leaves you wondering what you forgot to bring or pack. Guess what? I’ve found that feeling does not go away with time. What I have found are eight items to really make a difference when you find yourself hanging out beachside.

Eight Essential Items To Pack

  1. Sunglasses – After a long winter, it’s an easy thing we forget. Trust me, you’ll need them!

  2. Beach hat or baseball cap – I have burnt my scalp a few times without one. Staying in a hat protects you, your scalp, and face from the sun. both your scalp and face. If you kids are going with on the vacation, don’t forget to pack one for them, too.

  3. Sunscreen – If you are going for an entire week, you may even want to pack extra SPF. I always suggest to put sunscreen lotion on in the morning. You’ll want to start with a good layer. Then, throughout the day, use the spray to continue good coverage. from time to time to continue good coverage. Pro tip: staying hydrated with lots of water will prevent a sunburn.

  4. Insulated Mug – Even if you do not drink cocktails, many cups are small at resorts and with the heat your ice melts fast. Just bring your mug to the bar and they will fill it with whatever you want.

5. Beach bag – Even if the kids are not along, you will have towels, camera, sunscreen, your insulated mugs, hats, sunglasses, a book and who know what else. 6. Dollar bills – Employees work so hard at all-inclusive resorts. Do not forget to tip your waiters and anyone who helps you. Housekeeping cleans your room daily, so leave tips on the pillow so the staff knows they can take it as a tip. 7. Extra Baggies – They are great to have on hand for anything that leaks in your suitcase or to place any items that need to stay dry in your beach bag. They are also great for any wet items to pack up for home.

Additional Items To Pack for Families

If you are packing for a family vacation, there are a few more items you may want to pack. Please consider these items with your child’s age. I do believe the more prepared you are with a few items will keep the kids busy and happy. This will allow mom and dad time to kick back and enjoy!

  • Life jacket

  • Goggles – great for the pool and beach

  • A small bucket and shovel – kids can keep busy for hours in the sand

  • Blow up tube or raft

  • Swim shirt – allows for fewer applications of sunscreen

These items do not take up that much room and can make such a difference in your vacation. I just love being prepared.

Happy Travels!

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