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6 Ways to Add A Little Romance on Your Next Vacation

Are you thinking about taking your next vacation - just you and your loved one? Consider leaving the kids at home on your next trip. Here are some things to think about to make this vacation na little extra special for the two of you!

Here are 6 ways to add a little romance to your next vacation:

  1. Consider the resort – This might be the time you want to stay at an adults or couples only resort. Many times these resorts offer intimate settings for couples to enjoy.

  2. Upgrade your room – Did you know you could enjoy a private over the water bungalow, or a swim up suite right to the pool, a private jacuzzi, a butler to take care of you two?

  3. Book a couples massage - A couples massage helps you release those worries and live in the moment. There is nothing like enjoying an ultimate relaxation together.

  4. Treat every night like date night – Date nights on vacation are the best. Many times you will enjoy a view or the sunset. Bonus - you don't need to worry about time to be home for the night! Dress up, enjoy each other and the night.

  5. Enjoy breakfast in bed – At home, we all live a fast paced life. Take the time to sleep and snuggle in. You are in no hurry to be anywhere - you're already in paradise!

  6. Pack or order a surprise – Pack a card or small gift. Or, sneak off to talk with the concierge they will assist you with champagne, chocolate covered strawberries, or flowers in your room.

Couples vacation are the best time to unplug and be present with each other. Reconnecting is always a good thing. Wheather it be enjoying great conversations or just sitting in peace together, couples vacations are special times to cherish together.

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