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5 Tips for Travel in 2021

I love traveling the months of January through March, and so many of my clients are also ready to get out of the cold for a bit. It is so refreshing to get away from life’s hustle and bustle and enjoy some sunshine for a while. Also – it feels good to take a break from laundry, cleaning and cooking for a week! I know you can relate.

And yes, people are traveling. This is a very common question I am being asked. I am finding most are only planning four to six weeks out. All of my clients are purchasing travel insurance. They are also being mindful of where they want to go.

Winter 2021 travel is just a little different. I want to share with you five things to do to be just a little extra prepared.

5 Travel Tips for 2021

  1. Check the expiration date of your passport(s). Processing for your new passport is taking a little long than typical, so it is good to take a double look at that date and be ready.

  2. Know your airlines policies on masks. Right now, all airlines have this requirement; however, as time goes on this could change. Be sure to pack an extra mask (or two). After a few hours on the plane, you may want a fresh mask change.

  3. Before, during, and after traveling – take your vitamins. This regimen and focus on keeping your immune system strong is a good thing. Vitamin D, C and Zinc are some of my favorite.

  4. Pack your snacks. Flight attendants are limiting contact with travelers on the plane, this means limiting beverages and snacks. Bringing along a water bottle (filling it at a water fountain after going through security) and packing your favorite snacks will be helpful. I love a protein bar to fill me and then some fun treats like licorice.

  5. Know your destination and/or resorts COVID requirements. At the same time, stay flexible, as these things will change from time to time.

When using a travel agent they will also keep you posted on the current updates and changes. This will have you worrying about less and knowing what you need to know.

Happy Travels my friends, Cheers to the arrival of 2021!

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