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Victoria Lambert

Hello! I’m Victoria Lambert and welcome to our website where we talk all things travel! I’m originally from central Minnesota and have lived in Duluth for the past five years. I moved to Duluth for college with no career of choice in mind and I was hopeful that I would find something I loved to do. Well, that didn’t happen.

This past winter during one of my travels, I realized how much passion I had for traveling and experiencing life in other parts of the world and not just my own. Travel creates such a genuine relationship with the smaller things in life. How amazing is it that you can get on a plane and three hours later be watching the sunset on the beach in Mexico. Travel also allows you to experience many different atmospheres that you don’t get to on a regular basis; and along the way, without you even knowing, it teaches you so much.

While on my vacation to Mexico in March, I was dancing around the idea of becoming a Travel Agent. Since then I have researched and worked towards the opportunity to pursue a career in the travel industry. I have taken training courses specializing in the travel agent industry. I visited three vacation hotspots this past winter to gain more knowledge about those locations and explore the different amenities each resort offers. I am also being coached and mentored by Nichole Winter, who has been a Travel Agent for 15 years.

Duluth is a tourist city of it’s own here in Minnesota. Outside work I love to be a tourist and enjoy all of the parks and waterfalls up in the area, try different breweries and new food, bayfront concerts by the lake, kayaking around the shoreline and harbor. Duluth is definitely the place where I fell in love with the beach. The nightly walks along the coast, searching for sea glass, the waves, and refreshing water. I live for the summers up there.

I am very excited to get to know new clients who are ready enjoy and experience all that traveling to beautiful destinations has to offer.

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